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We find that the right tools can save you time and expense on the job. That's why at Quest Fastener we offer many types of tools to choose from. Whether the tool is used for sanding, drilling, tapping or driving screws we can provide your facility with a host of time saving tools.    Please Contact us for a quote.

Drill Bits Drill Bits

Inch, Metric, Silver & Deming, Lettered, Numbered, Sets, 118 & 135 degree
split points, aircraft extension, 3 flat mechanics drills, left hand,
drill & tap combo’s, Unibits

Drill Bit Sets Drill Bit Sets

Fractional, Lettered, Numbered, Metric, Cobalt, Silver & Demming.

Taps Taps

Bottom, Taper, Plug, Spiral Point, Pipe Thread. Inch & Metric

Rotary Hammer Drills Rotary Hammer Drills

SDS Plus, SDS Max, A -Taper

Dies Dies

Inch & Metric

Countersinks Countersinks

Numbered & Inch

Hole Saws Hole Saws

Bi-Metal, Carbide toothed

Reciprocating Blades Reciprocating Blades

4”-12” Wood, demolition, metal

Jig Saw Blades Jig Saw Blades

Bosch Style carried.

Hack Saw Blades Hack Saw Blades

10” & 12” Available


Bastard Cut, Smooth Cut, Chainsaw, Thread Files.

Screw Extractors Screw Extractors

Have a stuck screw or bolt? Quest Fastener’s offers many types of screw retracting tools.

Hex Keys Hex Keys

Short & Long Arm, Ball Lock, T-Handles and sets. Inch & Metric available

Saw Blades

For wood and metal cutting.

End Mills End Mills

For aluminum, steel, and stainless cutting.

Concrete Blades Concrete Blades

Masonary & Concrete cutting. Many sizes available.

Glass/Tile Bits Glass/Tile Bits

For cutting in soft materials such as glass, tile, acrylics.

Cutting Inserts

Tin Coated for cutting steel, stainless, aluminum and other materials.

Insert Bits Insert Bits

Phillips Drives, Square Drives, Torx Drives, Nut Drivers.

Marking crayons & pencils Marking crayons & pencils

Construction grade marking products for general purpose use.

Step Bits Step Bits

Available in 1/16 – 1/2” and 3/16 – 7/8 sizes.

Burr Burr

We stock Carbide Burrs in cylinder, cone, oval
in many cut patterns and lengths.

Wire Crimpers

For cutting & crimping electrical wire and terminals.

Band Saw blades Band Saw blades

All sizes

Paint Brushes Chip/Paint Brushes

Stocked in sizes 1” – 4”

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